We are a semi to full-service event planning business.  Specializing in unique and never duplicated themes and events.  

  • Birthdays

  • Centerpeices

  • Corporate Events

  • Decoration

  • Event set up/take down

  • Holiday Events


The SAVE THE DAY package is ideal for those individuals who enjoy hoisting their own events but run out of energy or time to finish what they've started.  We could come in and complete the masterpiece you have begun allowing you to enjoy the vision you originally set out to do. 

The FULL SERVICE is exactly that!  We offer our full array of services from the beginning planning stage to the folding of the last chair.  Our full-service package is our most popular package and is guaranteed to save you time and money.  

  • Invitations

  • Showers

  • Table Scapes

  • Team Building

  • Venue Locator

  • Weddings

The ASSISTANT package was created for those individuals who only need assistance with the critical and most tedious items like searching for a venue, design ideas & decor, finding a caterer or photographer.  Once the hard part has been done we would leave the rest to you complete the event of your dreams.  

The DECOR package is perfect for those who have everything under control.  The food has been ordered, the venue set and invitations sent out. But wait! Who do you have to help decorate? We can!

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